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AllahA shahadaAllahYousef square in square Kufic fontA shahada made using a spreadsheet

Yousef designAllahu akbarAgain my name

A ShahadaA shahadaLa ilaha ela AllahA large shahadaAnother shahada

An Eid al Fitr shahadaOne shahada for the day and one for the nightA shahada


A funny little bismillahA different bismillahAnother bismillahA bismilla with more to come

Bismillas with a difference

Surat Al FatihahSurat al FatihahBlue Qur'an al Fatihah

Surat al-fatihah

HimThe penStellar designSand and water

Allahu akbar

Something else

3-d La ilaha ela AllahA 3-d shahada in my own square Kufic fontAllahu akbarIn remembrance of Allah ..... -fun

My full name in ArabicA tugraA tugra dedicated to a friend from K.S.A.

What's in a name ?

Square Kufi font design Surat Al Fatihah in my own font design

Pen play    Pen play

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