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Alfa Romeo Carabo, late 1960's
Only 2 were ever made of this prototype, based on a tipo 33 racing chassis.
As far as I know they came in the colors metallic green with orange and
metallic purple with yellow.
The green one is on display in the Museo Alfa Romeo in Portello, Italy, the
other one was (again, as far as I know !) sold to king Feisal of K.S.A.
Carabo means "beetle" in Italian.
On the contrary of what you would expect of such a futuristic looking car,
the interior is rather conventional and kind of resembles that of a Giulia Super
(except that it doesn't have a wooden steering wheel).

Hey, Alfisti out there, If you have more info about the models shown here,
don't hesitate to mail me !


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